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Voyage on the Great Titanic Essay

Voyage on the Great Titanic I read the book “Voyage On The Great Titanic” The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, by Ellen Emerson White – Voyage on the Great Titanic Essay introduction. This book is about a girl named Margaret Ann Brady who lived in England, but everybody calls her Margie for short. She has an older brother named William, her mother died of a sickness and her dad died as well. Margie became an orphan living on the streets with her brother William. A couple months after having to eat left over scraps from the garbage of grocery stores and other local businesses Margie got sick.

Her brother then took her to an orphanage called St. Albernathy’s for girls, because he couldn’t take care of her anymore. Margie was upset, having to split up with her brother. He was the only person she had left to depend on and love . William promised they would meet again, then he left to America in search for a living. Margret met lots of new friends at the orphanage. She met a girl named Nora who later became her best friend. William was fine too. He was off away working on ships, cleaning and fixing them.

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Yes, William and Margie sent letters but that could never top actually seeing each other. Five years later the orphanage receives an unusual request from a rich American woman in the name of Mrs. Carstairs looking for a traveling companion, Margie’s teachers agree that she is the perfect candidate. This is an opportunity for her to travel to America on the R. M. S Titanic, as a helper for Mrs. Carstairs and from the port of New York she will be free to join her brother in Boston.

Maggie Accepts her offer and takes this opportunity to change her life, she said “ I expect to learn a great deal from my journey… America is supposed to be the land of endless opportunities, and I see no reason not to try to better myself”. On Thursday, April 4, 1912, the big day finally comes and Margie boards the beautiful majestic R. M. S Titanic ship. She is so taken and fascinated with all the luxuries around her, from A young and handsome steward helps them get settled in their cabin, Margie finds out that his name is Robert. Robert and Margie become friends and later the two fall in love with each other.

Robert was a fun person to be around and reminded so much of her brother William which quickly made them become closer. Margie felt so lucky to be able to observe and experience the luxurious rich life and activities in first class from the eyes of a poor young girl and at the same time find young love on the ship. Everything was going wonderful on this voyage, until one night April, 15, 1912, Mrs. Carstairs and Margie were awoken by a loud knock on the door, It was Robert who looked frantic, asking them to put their life jackets on and meet him on Deck A for a drill.

The two followed his instructions and when they made up to the deck to their horrible surprise, they discover that the ship hit a giant iceburg and is sinking very quickly. Margie looked for Robert and finally found him sitting sadly on the stairs of an empty hallway. She refuses to leave the love of her life behind, but eventually Robert convinces Margie to get on the life boat, promising to join her as soon as he finds his co-workers. He reached and gave her their first kiss then gave her a letter addressed to his family in America in case he doesn’t make it.

Margie tries her best to save Robert and convince him to come with her but gets whisked away to board the life boat and leave the love of her life behind. As the life boats floated away in the dark, Margie and the rest of the survivors watched with so much pain and sadness at the majestic ship sinking in the freezing cold waters and hearing the screams for help and terror. She felt so helpless like never before. Floating for many long hours, the small group is finally rescued when a passing ship picks them up where everyone on the life boats including Margie are treated for pneumonia because of the freeing air and put to rest.

Margaret is able to make it to New York, where she meets up with Mrs. Carstairs and reunite with her dear brother William whom she moves in with to Boston. She remarries and has three beautiful children and a happy life but deep inside, Margie never forgave herself for not staying with Robert. And never set foot on another boat again. In 1994, at the age of ninety five Margie dies peacefully in her sleep after having a full life.

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