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Dupont Case Study Essay

Opening Case: Dupont 1 – Dupont Case Study Essay introduction. What Big Five and leadership personality traits does Ellen Kullman possess? Ellen Kullman is a great leader because she has many Big Five and leadership qualities. The first is surgency. This includes dominance, extraversion, and determination. She also has agreeableness, which means she has social ability and emotional intelligence. Ellen is also conscience. She has traits of dependency and integrity. The other trait Ellen Kullman has is openness. She has flexibility, intelligence and locus of control. All of these traits worked together with her self confidence, and how Ellen has become a great leader. . Does Ellen Kullman have the personality profile of an effective leader? The book states the Ellen Kullman has the LMP “Leadership Management Profile”. She has the need for power, achievement, and affiliation. She directs all of these elements in a positive way. This shows hoe Ellen Kullman uses her personality profile to her advantage. 3. How did “attitude” help improve DuPont’s performance? Ellen Kullman brought a positive attitude towards her employees that was a major impact on DuPont’s performance. She was very optimistic and used a participated leadership style. 4.

How did Ellen Kullman’s self-concept affect her leadership? Ellen has many attributed that helped with her leadership ability and climbing of the corporate ladder. Ellen Kullman had a lot of self confidence. She never doubted herself and always believed she could do anything. She also has a positive attitude, and self efficacy. 5. What role does ethics play at DuPont? In is the main intent at the company. There are high ethical standards in all company affairs. DuPont is looked at as one of the most ethical companies in the world. And it is a high priority throughout the company.

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